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role of religion in world peace

Amid the ongoing socio-political tensions and conflicts in Ethiopia, religions have a special role in national peacebuilding efforts. World peace, or peace on Earth, is the concept of an ideal state of happiness, freedom and peace within and among all people and nations on Planet Earth.This idea of the world non-violence is one motivation for people and nations to willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that has this objective. Download. Bouta, Kadayifci-Orellana, and Abu-Nimer, Faith-Based Peace-Building, 35-36. Christianity and World Peace Yr 12 SOR II Religion and Peace Monday, 28 June 2010 2. Today we lived in a multicultural world with many religions existing side by side. In this course, we will explore a series of contemporary conflicts in different regions of the world with a special focus on identifying and analyzing the diverse and complex roles that religions play in both promoting and mitigating violence in each context. Role of Religion for World Peace . The Role of Religion in World Peace The main idea I want to propose a religious peace proposal is that religious peace in the world requires that religions accord sovereignty to God alone, and not attempt to exercise sovereignty over one another. This being the 21st century and in a world where many people from different religions and social lives have come together religious harmony is key to world peace. As religiosity continues to increase globally, no one can doubt the need to consider the role that religion can and should play in our efforts to achieve world peace. During ancient and medieval period, the monarchs were treating themselves as the representatives of the God or ruling the society in the name of God. Religion has played a significant role in political system in the ancient and medical society. What role should religion play in bringing about world peace? Elias Rubenstein Excellencies, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen, Good Afternoon. The following perspective piece is based on remarks delivered by Chong Ming Hwee, on 6 September to the 1st Annual Malang International Peace Conference. This work focuses on the importance of religion in terms of world peace. When we read the history of religions on a global scale, we tend to suspect about their positive role in world peace. 53. Accessibility Both writers, Ven. Summary. . How Christianity contributes to world peace Christians aim to express their inner peace in their attitudes to the world. 1378 Words 6 Pages. Religion connects with peace in four major ways: The ideas of human dignity and the common humanity of all, derived from the notion that all are created in the image of the Divine, are foundational to true peace. 52. 4 The Role of Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding // British Academy We hope that the findings of this report will be useful to those promot-ing peace in different social, economic and political settings around the world, and in particular for the UK government at a time when religion, Workshop participants explored the multi-dimensional context of religion on the world stage, including its role in the phases of conflict, terrorism, peace operations, and development. Marc Gopin, “World Religions, Violence, and Myths of Peace in International Relations,” in Busuttil, 36-42. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. We can only speak about justice and peace for humanity, I believe, by speaking about our relationships to one another as human beings. Appleby, R. S. (2006, March 17). But this is rather its failure, not its essence, which is … The principles discussed so far are in accordance with the ethical teachings of all world religions. As religiosity continues to increase globally, no one can doubt the need to consider the role that religion can and should play in our efforts to achieve world peace Building Sustainable Peace: The Roles of Local and Transnational Religious Actors.Paper Presented at the Conference on New Religious Pluralism in World Politics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. In the world 80% of the wars occur because of religion. All the family members of Earth must become peace messengers and religious people must achieve harmony under God for the cessation of war and world peace to be achieved and left as an inheritance to the … “The role of religions in peace building” held as part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, ... for peace in all churches of the country on the World Peace Day on September 21; 6. David Smock, Religion in World Affairs: Its Role in Conflict and Peace (Washington, DC: United States Institute of Peace, February 2008), 3-4. It is not clear whether this section on limiting the cause and conduct of war should be included in this paper on religions facilitating war or in the next paper on religion and peace. Importance Of Religious Harmony In World Peace. Spirituality is original, from the source, universal and mystical. We are all interdependent and share an inescapable responsibility for the well-being of the entire world. Number of pages 96. ISBN 978-0-85672-618-7. As the need to share best practices and develop common understanding on the possible role religious actors have in preventing violence remains vital, the Peacemakers Network is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion addressing questions such as: Navigation by The British Academy. III. “Since then, religions have been often suspected or openly accused for inspiring terrorism and violence.” Religion is a vital factor in the peace process, Bartholomew said. Even in modern times in many countries of the world the religion directly and indirectly also influences political activities. As far as the role which Christianity has played for the world peace, it would be too long to go through the whole history. It was first published in Jakarta Post on 18 September. The whole history of the Church is one continual effort to form the conscience of people, help them by her preaching and sacraments to establish peace in individual hearts, in families as well as in Nations. Religion and security considerations intersect in multiple, complex ways across the globe and are thus consequential for government policy, strategy, and engagement. Roles of Religion in Restraint in War Justified War Theories. Religious leaders in Ethiopia possess a wealth of resources for peace, including scriptures, deposits of tradition and teaching, cultural practices, and credibility with the people. 87. Religion is about belief, faith and creed. 2. Current events stand in contrast to the positive role that religion and religious leaders have played in building peace over the course of past 100 years. WORLD PEACE is an ideal of freedom, peace and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. Hans Küngs' thesis that there cannot be world peace without a religious peace is right. The Role of Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding. was the coming ideology and that religion would never again play a major role in world events. Addressing the role of religion in conflict and peace building requires going beyond consulting only with faith-based NGOs or religious leaders : (1) to ensure participation from across various segments of society, (2) to account for the less visible ways religion shapes everyday life, and (3) to prevent the burden of conflict resolution resting on faith-based actors alone. Year 2015. Show More. The world cannot survive without a new global ethic, and religions play a major role, as parties in violent conflicts, as passive bystanders and as active peace-makers and peace-builders. In speaking about the role of religion in our work for justice and peace, my perspective goes beyond the simply sociological aspect of religions - though religion engages the major portion of the world’s population. 54. World Religions for World Peace. Ved Nanda of the University Of Denver and Columnist For Denver Post appears on Community Matters with Jay Fidell to discuss the role of religions in world peace. World Peace 1. World Faiths Development Dialogue Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs 3307 M Street NW, Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20007 phone: 202-687-6444 fax: 202-318-0747 email: extremes does not provide a clear view of the role that religion plays in peace and conflict nor inform our understanding of the extent to which these events are the exception rather than the rule. Of course, humility is not a virtue inherent or exclusive to religious approaches to peace. An ... We live in a world in which isolation is no longer possible…. World Interfaith Harmony Week Vienna: VIC – United Nations – February 7th 2014 The role of religion in promoting a culture of peace. Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia/Singapore. We face a crisis which could bring about the suicide of the human species or bring us a new awakening and a new hope. Let us get it clear here. “Religion can, of course, divide by causing intolerance and violence. World Peace is an idea of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare. Sampson, "Religion and Peacebuilding," 284. Christians are part of a spiritual kingdom that is expressed in peace (Romans 14:17); the command to Christians is to live at peace with others (Hebrews 12:14). The role and influence of relgion on history is a bit overrated. Religion that is supposed to save people with love should not be creating wars that kill. The basic reason of living is deriving happiness which can only result from physical wellness and a relaxed sober mind. Download. Bridget Moix, "Faith and Conflict," Foreign Policy in Focus Commentary (October 4, 2007). K. Sri Dhummanada give several reasons why world peace has yet to be achieved, as well as ways in which humankind can reach world peace. Religion, however, can play an important role in peace-making and conflict prevention and resolution. Whether as local peace actors and mediators or as providers of humanitarian aid, religious institutions have a role to play in conflict resolution. Master Hsüan Hua and Ven. Indeed, bringing god/s into the equation can result in a manner of peacebuilding that is arrogant and imposing, to put it mildly. Declaration on the Role of Religion in the Promotion of a Culture of Peace. There is no evidence to indicate that particular religious traditions are, by virtue of their theology, more prone to violence or more likely to lead to conflict or peace than others. Indeed, we notice that religions certainly preach for peace but unfortunately they also made war!

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